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We partner with you to provide exceptional dispensing services, consulting services, billing services, and medical records packages.


Pharmacy Billing Services


 Long Term Care Billing Specialist

Admission Assistance
Itemized Billing
Medicare Days with short day supply
Third Party Insurance Specialist
Medicare Part D
Formulary Management and Compliance
Daily and Monthly Census 

Pharmacy Consulting Services

 Drug Regiment Review

Review Psychotropic Medication
Review Appropriate Diagnosis
Review Control Substance Log
Medication Room Inspection
Medication Cart Inspection
Assist in Destruction of Medications
Review Nursing Documentation For Omissions And Transcription Errors
Med Pass Reviews
Monitor for Out of Date Medications
CQI Support
Assure Services Comply With State and Federal Regulations 

Pharmacy Medical Records

 Customized Forms

Physician Orders
Medication Administration Records
Behavior Monitoring Sheets
Customized Documentation / Flow Records
Treatment Records
Electronic Medical Record Package Launching Beta Site Summer 2011.